Baghlaf Al Zafer( BAZ) group are the pioneers of cold processed steel production in the Gulf and Middle-east region. Production started in 1980 with the establishment of a factory in Dammam by its (late) founder Shaikh Ahmed Mohammed Baghlaf. BAZ SHARJAH, continuously strives for business excellence through meeting and exceeding client expectations, maintaining world-class standards and valuing our team of dedicated professionals. BAZ Sharjah is the newest addition to the BAZ group of companies and has been operational since 1996.

BAZ local

The long term planning and appropriate timing of the late GM, Mr Mahmood Samdani led to the establishment of the new factory and office at the present site of 16,000m2 located conveniently off the local Dubai-Sharjah highway and currently run by Mr Salman Samdhani ( GM)

We have a full range of state of the art roll forming machinery for the production of Profiles, Purlins, Panels and accessories. We locally design and fabricate roofing/cladding sheets by way of cold rolling employing GI steel and pre-painted steel/Aluminium coils.

Since inception in 1995, BAZ, a primary member of BAGHLAF SAUDI Group has been setting manufacturing benchmarks in the region with its engineering excellence.
The ISO 9001 certified company manufactures a diverse range of products and offers a range of services from its facilities spread across GCC.

BAZ manufactures products to international quality standards and provide excellent sales and services to our customers

Cladding & Roofing Systems
We manufacture fire certified cladding materials with competent authority certifications.
We make PIR ( Polyisocyanurate ), PU( Polyurethane foam), Corrugated Metal Sheets, Metal Decking Profiles, Purlins.


BAZ is specialized in design/fabrication of secondary steel members in galvanized COLD ROLLED STEEL in ZED AND CEE Sections with Quick Fix Anti-sag rods for steel buildings.

BAZ local & services

Wall/Flat panels

BAZ manufacture Flat panels for partition walls and insulated wall, ceiling /insulated doors for cold room application. Prefab Buildings /Porta cabins for site offices/security cabins/camps etc



The pioneers of cold forming steel in the middle east, Baghlaf al Zafer, established their first factory in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 1978 The Jeddah factory is established in 1990 and Baghlaf Al Zafar Sharjah factory has been operational since 1996 in its current location


BAZ products are produced on fully automated production lines ensuring a consistent and high-quality result. We are continuously improving and adapting to the market situation.

Qualified Team

The Baghlaf team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who have a good understanding of the local and regional market.

After Sales

Customer satisfaction is the main reason for the majority of our business. We have a loyal customer base due to the quality of our products and after-sales service when required. We are with you even after finishing the delivery of product for any other issues that may arise

Quality Assurance

We are very passionate about our products and we ensure a high-quality consistent product all the time. We will always use the minimum required specification of raw material for our products. The customer can rest assured that we will deliver what we promise.


BAZ has been involved with highly prestigious projects in the UAE. To name a few we have supplied for Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, JAFZA Abu Dhabi Civil Defense and DUBAL

“Best profile solution manufacturing company”

Quaid Joher Buryawala